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Anomaly csgo reddit betting grand national winners 2021 ladbrokes betting

Anomaly csgo reddit betting

European Develo LIVE k23 Boars. Snow Sweet Snow ESL India Premi La Coupe 1 8h GenOne Ambush. Grrrls League Community Suggestions. Csgo sites will be shut down? In the post by steam we see that they will start implementing new thing so this can mean that csgo gambling sites will be shut down , i dont know how to feel bout it cause i cant trade without csgolounge , i have no other sites and there will be no other site like lounge so i will miss that one the most , on the other side i will be happy because there will be no gambling on twitch , there will be more gameplay , for ex.

Will the sites be down , your opinion? I don't mind if all the shitty jackpot sites get closed because that was geting out of hand with more and more coming every day but if csgo lounge closes I think csgo would take a big hit tbh, a lot of people only watch pro matches because they bet on them. All Gambling sites will shut down. Not sure if lounge will close because Valve need it to keep the viewership high. But they are also using bots which is against the new ToS so we will see.

CSGO Lounge's betting will surely be closed, it is one of the biggest betting sites. The trading might stay. Well see. I think they should check every website related to csgo and left some of them for ex. I'm all for keeping sites such as the ones you listed running, but Valve does not work like this. There are no exceptions for violations.

It's the reason why Valve refuses to unban the IBP members; it would show lenience toward rule-breakers and this transfers over to betting sites. Hopefully we get to at least keep the trading aspect of lounge. The trading aspect of Lounge is fine. It's been so long and I forget what lounge even did to deserve bring taken down. Was their payout system skimming winnings? Gambling via betting on matches, their entire model. Valve told them to shutter it up, and well, not much you can do about it.

It was during the height of the gambling controversy so Valve probably just didn't want a site with the size of lounge existing. Yeah but that seems fair to me. I did lounge and it's true it really got me into watching. I do remember their item return was super slow and you'd get less than your even bets sometimes. I think it also encouraged more matchfixing at least from hr at some point. I know, that site made me so much more excited to watch matches I didn't necessarily have any stake in.

But that was obviously only the reason they gave to legitemize their action. They cynic in me says the"valve war against gambling" was nothing but a pr stunt. Valve, a private company, doesn't want to bothered with the task of ensuring every single user is using their services responsibly, nor should they have to. But they will protect their reputation at all cost.

At the moment it's not costing them much, if anything. Of course it was merely a very public move to appease the outrage and look better in light of the law suit running back then. And say what you want about Lounge, but the one thing they always did was offer a fair and relatively safe platform to bet on. And for a long period of time, they even did it without a rake on the bets, which you won't find in any other sports betting platform. I am not a fan of lounge but that they did actually get taken down while that scum is still having their sites online is just disgusting.

Your urine should not be in your balls! Consider talking to your doctor about your pee balls today. Pros dont give a fuckkkk. Drop a sack a money in their bank and they will promote rigged sites all day. They know it and the pros dont care. Kids watching the stream will go "oh but they promoted it they dont need the money they are so rich it must be legit! Not to mention how many shady sites they still support nowadays. Counter-strike is usually a short career and can be VERY up and down.

If some gambling site offered you hundreds of thousand of dollars to for you to make some youtube video and put that shit at the beginning, then for sure you will get on that shit asap. Especially back in those days where CS:GO salaries and prizepools were dogshit mostly. Nowadays, it's better but for youtube content creators it's still basically A MUST to be sponsored by such scummy sites due to the ad-pocalypose. I'm no expert but it looks like there were 45, bets in the last 48 hours. Someone's making a lot of money.

However, we have ALL the bets of the past 48 hours saved in a massive file. I think the shortest length some of the bigger names went into hiding is about Yep, it's a plague. A plague that won't die until the host dies with it. Posting my own thread since it got removed , yet this didnt:. Twitter user ItsAkke published a Twitlonger today "exposing" a coinflip site on scamming their users.

Apparently they were using bots to play against legitimate players while having the back-end knowledge of the probabilities. The aformentioned site replied with their Twitlonger ,stating it was a hacker attack, that got access to the back end of the site and planted his own bots to "farm" money and transfer it to his own account later.

This on its own raises questions; since the "hacker" had full acccess to the site for OVER 36 hours, he decided not to just credit his own account and be done with it,but instead went with bots, that apparently played against youtubers and lost to them for some reason.

While information is blurred, our favorite baguette of CSGO raises another question that must be solved if we want actual action to be taken. Here is where the grain of salt should be taken:. If you have information about illegal activities of your competitors , why "expose" them on twitter,rather than:. This site has also been accusing every other competitor of its on twitter, making the situation look to some like an opportunity to gain publicity and more customers.

Regardless, if this situation with the coinflip site is true, consequences must be harsh, and legal action should be taken, to set a base for any future attempt at scamming this gullible seems sub-community. Was wondering why this wasn't posted on reddit before I really dislike the fact that mods just remove things without saying anything. And I cant think of any reason why this one is still up ,or vise versa no offense, im just saying that both state the same thing, albeit mine has more stuff in it.

Well at least this post is getting the attention it deserves instead of being removed without any communication. Yeah right, how did that last thing go where all those sites were blatantly scamming customers and fuck all has happened. Regarding european law, I think that even if the society is incorporated in another country, if your economical activity is important enough on european markets, you can apply european law.

CSGOHunt also involved. But honestly, who the fuck still bet in those sites? Believing that someone, especially someone called "Vlad" will create a non-regulated service and don't exploit it is ridiculous. I'm a fucking sorry ass hypocrite for saying this but I honestly hope people see that there's no fair site and that gambling bring the worst of people and maybe someday stop, at least with coinflip and those other modes easily exploitable by owners.

At this point you can blame the site owners as much as the brain dead people that still use them. I mean, aside from a handful of pro players deciding to throw games it was seriously tough to cheat the Lounge system. All I see in flip sites is a chance to rip off customers and sail off on your yacht into the sunset with no repurcussions.

Man lounge was the shit,, it actually made me interested in Pro csgo, which in turn made me better at the game and more in love with the game. Then it got shut down and ever since my rank has stayed pretty much the same, I rarely play anymore, it's pretty much a dead game to me.

Not meaning any offense here but I think your comment reads more like you enjoyed gambling and CS was just a byproduct of that. Isn't this the same site that used to be owned by some FaZe owners? So the mouth piece for a gambling site bitching about another gambling site. That's really cute. I don't use any of these sites and I think anyone that does is a fucking idiot but Devils Advocate: it does make sense for a legitimate gambling site to rat out the rigged ones.

Less likely that a rigged site would rat out another rigged site. Either they've got their stuff on-lock and confident it wont ever get out or they don't cheat. All in all, there are no fair or transparent gambling sites, gambling is a just simple setup to drain money from other people's pocket. But in online gambling it is all at the pleasure of the site owner and these guys don't operate gambling websites for public good.

You gamble, you lose, without knowing what was going on behind the scenes. Whether they rig less or go full, doesn't change anything, they are still cancerous leeches. See it in real life, go to a casino and watch the tables. The house won't let you win their money. It becomes their money once you put your money on the table. To be fair csgl involved betting on pro matches, which as we all know can be thrown, still has a significantly, almost impossibly low chance of being rigged.

Honestly miss betting low value skins on csgolounge. I understand why all skin gambling had to go though, but imo there was a big difference between a cite like lounge and scam sites such as this. I think almost everyone can agree that CSGOLounge is vastly different from scam sites, but I believe the move by Valve ended up being one just to save face and to quiet down the complaints. It ended up working without actually fixing the problem in the long run as we see here sadly, as Valve dropped the fight as soon as media stopped covering it and their need to put in any more action went away.

To be honest, this whole skin thing is such a massive cash grab I can see Valve ignores all the issue. Trade ban, key purchase and gambling addition mean more money for them while having their hand clean. Ye i agree, the most upsetting thing for me is that csgl was betting and trading only wich doesnt rely on chance or luck, ppl who invested time into learning teams mappools looking if said team has any standin etc would always win more, while these gambling sites are still alive where the user cant get an advantage over any other user..

Vpgame too, but that's only because they're busy throwing on the DotA side of that website. The owner? So my shitty attempt at comedy was actually correct? Grow up, worst case scenario for them is that they walk away with the money after closing the website.

So steer clear from non-approved gambling sites. Great job. You should monitor csgoreaper too. I've seen so many new accounts with big inventories playing like 1 or 2 coinflips a day and winning only expensive skins. I could be just a conspiracy theorist or something but it's worth taking a look imho. I'm sorry but if you were still gambling then you deserve these kinds of odds cause at this point one should safely assume that all gambling sites are rigged. Allowing you to limit your daily stake so you dont spend more than you can afford, giving the player more control if things get out of hand - irresponsible.

This would be questioned at the highest level if done by an actual company. This stops the powers that be from running away with tens if not hundreds of millions of players funds. With a UK license companies need to guarantee players balances. When it comes to gambling this simply isn't acceptable. Wonder if the Faze guys stopped uploading gambling videos on all their channels awhile ago because they found out about something we didn't know like this People rape, murder, sell and buy sex slaves and human organs.

They sell and buy drugs, guns, weapons and ammunition. They steal cars, break into peoples homes, banks, stores Yet people think rigging an online gambling site is something people wouldn't be willing to do. This 'Vlad' doesn't care about what you think, he doesn't care about his online reputation or presence.

He's another con making a lot of cash, very quickly with little to no chance of repercussion. It's quite smart actually. Great find, great investigation. People saying "duh" and "no shit" doesn't know that there are actually legit websites out there doing proper business. Catching the big cheaters is very important. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. GlobalOffensive comments other discussions 2.

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You can also play Crash, Blackjack, Dice and many other gambling games. If you want to double up your inventory, just play roulette! Bet everything on red or black and win high or loose all! If you want, you can also play on some Jackpot sites , but those aren't for free, you need to deposit your skins for gambling on CS:GO Jackpot sites. Please don't spend too much time on skin gambling, because you can get addicted to it quickly.

If you have any problems with being addicted to gambling you should get yourself some professional help. Check out Responsible Gambling for help. On our website we try to list all gambling websites we know and we hope that you have fun gambling! Good Luck and Have Fun! Get three cases for free!

This means if a user receives a skin from a trade, they must wait a total of seven days for the ability for that skin to be tradable to another account. Most gamblers who used CSGO skins have since switched over to cryptocurrencies because the payments are fast, simple, and secure. Having honest reviews written by experts is a major priority to us so users receive genuine information.

Our team consists of regular online gamblers, cryptocurrency traders, gamers, writers, CSGO skin traders, and the list goes on-and-on. We have the experience necessary to create reviews and ratings that users should trust. Most would say that opening cases is a complete scam, and they are definitely on to something.

Valve the creators of CS:GO do not set the prices of skins, so how much you get back from opening cases is determined by the community demand for skins. CSGO case opening sites deliver the same experience of opening cases, but with far better odds than you would receive from a CSGO case.

These sites create custom cases with skins you actually want, and prices will always vary based on what drops come inside the case. Place a small bet on a color that provides 2x rewards. If the bet is lost, you double the previous bet on the same color. Continue the process until there is a win, this gives back all losses, and then you return to your original bet amount.

This way you can afford to lose many times if there is an unlucky roulette pattern. Rather than doubling your bet after losing in the martingale, you do the exact opposite. Place a small bet on a color of choice and double the bet if you win. Continue to double the bet after winning until your satisfied, and if you lose you return back to the original bet.

The reverse martingale is only risking the original small bet and what you win. This strategy relies on guessing the correct color numerous times in a row, so being unlucky will slowly drain your balance. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Anomaly csgo reddit betting Yes, it seems very biased. European Develo Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. He did recently made a VGO case site. Google Tag Manager. If you cheat the law to avoid taxes then I can agree that it is quite shameful but if it is so fucked up why would all EU countries make it so easy to move residency and pay taxes in another country instead? Nothing from Skinhub no.
Is water or sports drinks better for hydration Log in or sign up in seconds. Giresunspor vs tuzlaspor bettingexpert tipsters creator capsule i. Great find, great investigation. If some gambling site offered anomaly csgo reddit betting hundreds of thousand of dollars to for you to make some youtube video and put that shit at the beginning, then for sure you will get on that shit asap. I'm a fucking sorry ass hypocrite for saying this but I honestly hope people see that there's no fair site and that gambling bring the worst of people and maybe someday stop, at least with coinflip and those other modes easily exploitable by owners. Anomaly did mess up and call him out for everything.
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Sports betting investors Want to add to the discussion? But in online gambling it is all at the pleasure of the site owner and these guys don't operate gambling websites for public good. Community Suggestions. Or am I missing some info? Must Read The true cost of Counter-Strike skin gambling. Especially so if we consider that the teams played each other on December 2 and it did go the distance. We'll update with more when we receive it.
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Either way, you are in the right place! CSGO betting is quite entertaining. Many CSGO gambling sites offer a wide range of betting services, but most of them are a scam. It might be quite challenging to find a legit site from all the gambling sites, but we have decided to bite the bullet pleasantly.

Check out our exhaustive list of best CSGO gambling sites Many CSGO bet sites claim they offer the best betting services, but a few can be trusted. All the sites on our list render provably fair gambling services; rest assured, they are tested and proven.

It was launched four years ago and has since then developed orientation to fans all over the world. Players also have the option of switching to different languages like Russian, German, Italian, etc. You should check out the roulette on this site. This is how it works; each time users place a bet; a percentage of the bet is directed to a common pot, and you stand a chance to win a huge amount of money via the. Provided you are lucky enough. Loyal gamblers will also participate in a monthly competition organized to reward active wagerers.

You can use the option of live chat, where you get the opportunity to chat with whoever you are playing against. Finally, it presents you with numerous choices of financial transactions. You can either deposit money, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin , or skins with all your rights reserved. Old, popular, estimable, and classic esports best describes this site.

Just as you would have expected, we picked this website as the best for a couple of reasons. There are varieties of weapon cases like:. The cases contain multiple weapon skins. You can also access customer service via the use of an effective live chat. The CSGO crash gambling is well known. The popularity is undeniable; the difficulty that comes with picking the right crash site is equally a well-known fact.

Our top crash site award goes to Gamdom. You can bet on five different games on this site. The main deal for random is the massive payouts. The effortless and flawless withdrawal process is applaudable. By the way, you can get free coins as well. The available banking options are cs: go Dota 2, credit cards, bitcoin, and cs go skins. This is yet another CSGO gambling site that deserves some accolades. The primary currency of cs: go fast is cs go skin.

With a total of 12 games, it has gained enough traction among customers. You can place your bets on counter strike global offensive games on this site using coins. Alongside match betting, gamblers can also spend their coins on purchasing skins because CSGOFast offers a wide range of skins on the go fast store. Even with a 0 5 free bonus deal, this betting site offers dependable betting services, including site bonuses and trusted match results.

Speaking of a reliable skin gambling site and games that serve esports lovers in every possible way, this site fits that description. WTFSkins offers exciting games to its users, and you have access to an attractive signup bonus coupled with several daily bonuses.

A little set back of the WTFSkins is the customer support, it takes a while before you receive a response, but you definitely would! You can easily see star players and how they are improving their skills and gameplay. Almost all players have live channels if you have a favourite player; you can easily follow his channel and even watch past games of some of the most important Counter-Strike tournaments so that you can see how certain teams perform.

You can only accurately determine if a team is going to help you win a bet when you have seen them play. You can check the Betway review for more information. YouTube gaming is another live stream platform that has been making waves. Although YouTube Gaming is not as well-known as Twitch, it is still a great place to improve your skills.

YouTube gaming has a great selection of live games that can be viewed in real-time, and the number of videos offering gambling tips is growing, with hundreds of new channels opened every week for this purpose. The amount of information available on this platform is unquantifiable, and it will surely help boost your knowledge about esports wagering.

You can check the Arcanebet review and GG. Facebook gaming is the newest of all the streaming platforms. It is a known fact that Facebook has been working on its capabilities as a platform for enhanced video features. The streaming functionality is embedded in Facebook Watch, and they have been working to connect the stream channels to already available team pages and player profiles.

This would open a new way that esports fans would stream matches as you do not have to be registered on Facebook to stream games. The platforms listed above are great for advice, but there are other places you can get wonderful advice, tips and strategy also. It is the go-to research website for most people. If you already have a team as your favourite, you can check out their past results, line-ups, team statistics, news, and many more things.

This site should be checked daily if you want to improve your wagering game. Tipsters are those who give advice on betting either freely or for a fee. Many of these tipsters have many years of experience to back up their advice, so it would be a good idea to have specific tipsters that you follow for tips and information. Tipsters give suggestions on upcoming sportsbook matches, as well as indications about which wagering sites could give you the most profitable odds.

In following a tipster, never follow too blindly, as your aim is to use their advice as a standard for your research; to use it as a form of a guideline. The forums listed above are great for resources, tips and research. However, do not limit yourself to these forums alone. There are also other forums out there where you can connect with other CSGO fans and while picking up great tips.

Some of these forums are within a section of betting sites. Here the community is built around the sites and the advice would be specific to the site. You can also get predictions from these forums from other members. To bet on CSGO, you can use two different methods. It is either you bet with skins or real money.

A skin is also referred to as finishes. They are weapons with different textures that can be equipped and used in-game. You do not need to file tax reports on skins. You can also use your real money to bet and cash out winnings, you can convert skins into money, and you can also use money to buy skins.

The best way to start is to set an inventory size, but do not go overboard with it. The best way to know if a piece of betting advice is valuable or not is to put it to use in your wagering process. Just learning about different strategies is not enough. Unapplied knowledge is the same as ignorance. It is good practice to write useful information down so you can access it later on.

Before wagering, look at the advice you have written down and see if it corresponds with the decision you want to make. Sometimes, you might be frustrated or want to make up for lost bets, sticking with the advice you have written down helps you to be in control. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Put your knowledge to the test at Arcanebet: How you can benefit from CSGO betting advice For players who enjoy the game and also love to win, getting advice on how to bet on CSGO matches will help to avoid the frustration of always losing money when placing bets.

Research is the key to success It is true when they say gambling is a game of luck, but this saying was hundreds of years ago, and gambling in this generation has evolved to involve other aspects, though it is still dependent on luck, but not totally anymore. Find CSGO betting advice on Reddit Reddit is a very tricky forum to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, you will love it.

Twitter is a great tool for CSGO betting advice Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to make updates with limitations on the number of words per updates. Is Facebook the next go-to site for betting advice? CSGO betting advice from streaming platforms Reddit, Twitter and Facebook are wonderful platforms as stated earlier; they should form the foundation of your knowledge about counter-strike betting. Twitch counter-strike bets Twitch has over 2. YouTube Gaming and Arcanebet review YouTube gaming is another live stream platform that has been making waves.

Facebook Gaming Facebook gaming is the newest of all the streaming platforms. More sources of betting advice The platforms listed above are great for advice, but there are other places you can get wonderful advice, tips and strategy also. Browse forums for advice and predictions The forums listed above are great for resources, tips and research.

Browse Esportsbets Putting your research into practice The best way to know if a piece of betting advice is valuable or not is to put it to use in your wagering process. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Accept Read More. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.