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Tepig will be hiding on the other side; interact with it once more to spook it once more. Finally, ascend to the peak of Pyrous Mountain. Interact with it one last time to battle it. Tepig will be Lvl 15, and will have one of the following egg moves in its moveset:. This wiki.

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Magic Emperor: The Magic Emperor is a mysterious force that no one knows about. The Magic Emperor is bent on destroying the world, and all life that it encompasses. Myght: Myght is an inventor that lives in a desolate tower. Myght works on many different types of inventions and keeps to himself.

Myght also has a hideous odor. Taben creates the world's most destructive contraption ever, the Grindery, and is forcing people of Talon to mine for him and aid in the destruction. Phacia: Phacia is a fake priest who later is revealed as another member of the Vile Tribe. Phacia's intentions seem good later, but the group doesn't know whether to trust her. Quark: Quark is the White Dragon. Quark is the last surviving member of the great Dragons.

Quark's brothers were Black, Red, and Blue. Royce: Royce is a fortune teller that is another member of the Vile Tribe. You encounter Royce and her mischievious monsters many times during the adventure. Xenobia: Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe. Xenobia helps Ghaleon in all of his evil plots, and takes control of the Vile Tribe. This attractive beauty might be tough for Alex to handle! Most people say two things.

Also, when you go back to previous locations later in the game, those people will say even more things, making the game a lot better to play through with all of the added text. Always remember that bosses are get stronger as Alex's level increases, though. Most bosses in Lunar are tough, and you'll defnitely want to control each action your characters do. It will really help you out in the long run. I'm going to cover the entire story in full detail, and cover every secret and hint I can possibly find.

Watch the great anime intro of Nall. Nall will come and tell you that Luna is waiting for you to sing with her for the Festival. As you leave to go to the village, Ramus comes to you. Ramus tells you that there is treasure in the White Dragon Cave, and he wants you to come along with him. Alex and Nall are pondering what Luna will think about this. Head south to the village. Most people talk about how Alex is following in Dyne's footsteps, and he's going out on his first adventure.

First of all, you can go to the various houses and get some chests. Alex's home has some blue chests on the second level of the house, but you'll need to ask his parents for permission to get them. Take the chests, then go into the various houses and talk to all of the people here. When you're ready, go north of the village to the springs, where Luna is singing.

Watch the cool Anime scene of Luna and Alex doing the song together. Luna doesn't want Alex to get into danger, so she says that she'll come along on the adventure. These will be useful weapons for the first part of the next dungeon. When you're ready, head to the village enterance, and Ramus will be waiting for you. Ramus says that he's ready to leave for the White Dragon Cave. Exit out of the village. When you're on the world map, you can attempt to go West to the Weird Woods, but there is mist covering it, so you will head back for now.

Go north of the village and curve around the mountains to the White Dragon Cave. The Albino Baboons will use "Ice Punch" for about 30 damage at lower levels, and the Synapse Guards will do a normal attack to you for about 20 damage at lower levels.

For these reasons, Luna will need to heal your characters often. I suggest taking this cave in stages; make several trips to the cave for experience and money, and then go back to Burg to rest several times. This way, you won't run out of HP and MP, you'll have money for some of the better weapons in Burg, and you'll be leveled up so you can go through the cave normally.

Once you're about level 6, head through the dungeon. After a bit of traveling in the dungeon, you'll be Introduced in an anime sequence to the white dragon, Quark. Quark will tell Alex that he resembles Dragonmaster Dyne in that it was similar when Dragonmaster Dyne made went on his first adventure. Ramus is scared of Quark, but eventually asks him about the Dragon Diamond. Quark says that if you bring him the Dragon Ring from the far depths of the cave, he'll give you the Dragon Diamond.

Leave Quark's screen and head into the main part of the cave. When you're about level 7, head west where a block of ice was previously blocking the way , and you can go farther into the cave. Go through the next passageway to a room with blocks of ice. There is an Albino Baboon here.

To get past this room, get in the line of the ice blocks and the baboon, and when the baboon sees you, he'll charge. Move away from the Baboon when he is charging. If you are lined up with the blocks of ice, he'll break the ice and you'll be able to pass. If the baboon attacks from you, run away fast, because if you defeat that baboon, you'll have to exit a few screens and come back later, since there will be no way to break the ice.

After you break the ice, go to the next screen of the cave, and you'll have to break more ice. The Dragon Ring is the item to the West that's totally surrounded in ice. Use the same strategy you used in the previous room with the baboon to break the ice.

Also, in this room, to the south of this room is a chest also surrounded by ice, it has Silver. Anyway, after you have the Dragon Ring, go back to Quark, and he'll give you the Dragon Diamond, as promised. Ramus is very excited for getting it. Quark tells you to visit his brothers, Red, Blue, and Black.

He also notes that Alex has eyes similar to Dragonmaster Dyne, and that he can tell that Alex really wants to become a Dragonmaster just like Dyne. Once you have the Dragon Diamond, go back to town. The Characters say they are tired, to go to the statue in the middle of town and heal up. After you heal, go to the item shop.

Ramus will try to sell the Dragon Diamond, but the clerk says that he doesn't even have enough money for such a large diamond. The clerk suggests that you try to sell it at Meribia. On the way back to Alex's house, Ramus will stop to talk to Alex, and he says that he wants to talk to him alone, so Luna goes to Alex's house for the time being.

Ramus asks Alex if he wants to go to Meribia with him to try to sell the diamond. Ramus also suggests that Alex doesn't tell Luna about it, because she'll never let you go. Tell Ramus you want to help him. Alex will agree. Leave the town, and head to Weird Woods. While going through a bit of the forest, Ramus gets scared, and eventually runs out, towards town. When you go out of the woods, Ramus will say that he's sorry he got so sick in the cave. He'll note that it's getting dark, go back to the town for the night.

Ramus leaves for his house for the night. Go back to Alex's house and talk to Luna. Luna will figure out what happened, and she'll be mad at you. Talk to your parents. Your parents will say that you should care for Luna, and your father will encourage you to go on a journey. Talk to Luna again, and she'll forgive you.

After you talked to Luna for the second time, again talk to your parents. You'll say that you'll be leaving in the morning for your adventure. In the middle of the night, Luna hears Alex playing the Ocarina, and she'll walk up to Dragomaster Dyne's memorial. Alex and Luna will talk about their future together, and wonder what's to come. Get the best equipment for your characters, heal up, and head west out of town.

Go west to Weird Woods. You're really not going to have to heal much here. Eventually when traveling through Weird Woods, you'll be surrounded by goblins. A man will come out of the forest and come to your aid. He will join your party for this battle. Laike does about damage to each enemy, and can usually attack three times before any other of your characters can attack once. This battle is going to be hard to lose. After the battle is over, the man introduces himself as Laike in a cool Anime scene.

Laike will set up a fire for the night, and your characters will gather around it. When the characters wake up, Laike will be gone. Ramus suggests that you get out of the forest quickly and head south to Saith. After you exit out of Weird Woods, head west across the small bridge, then follow the mountains to the southeast.

You'll come across a port town, Saith. People talk about how they haven't seen travelers for ages, and that your group must have strength. A few people suggest that a youth Alex's age is staying here. People say that the ship isn't currently sailing because of technical difficulties. Others mention how Brett is the best gambler ever, and that he beat the captain out of his Sea Chart. I suggest you visit the weapon shop first.

The new weapons here are great, and will be useful for your next venture. You probably won't need healing items, so don't waste your money on them if you don't. When you're ready, go to the house by the dock, to the very south, and talk to the captain. The captain is angry since the gambler, Brett, beat him gambling, and took his Sea Chart from him.

The captain tells you to talk to the dockmaster about it. The dockmaster says that Brett is probably hanging out at the town's bar, gloating away. Head to the bar. When at the bar, talk to Brett, and he'll say that if you gamble, you'll win the Sea Chart. You attempt to gamble with Brett, and no matter what you call, "heads", or "tails", he'll win the first two times. Ramus realizes that Brett is using a double-sided coin, and then Ramus wagers the Dragon Diamond.

Brett accepts instantly. Brett's plan backfires when Ramus uses his own trick again him. After losing, Brett says that he traded the Sea Chart to an old woman to the forest northwest of Saith. He gives you the Fortune Cane, what he got from the woman. In return for giving you the cane, he asks that you don't tell anyone about his cheating. Being level 10 really helps here. Most of the enemies here poison you, so make sure Luna has enough MP to cast Purity when needed.

After you get past the main part of the forest, you hear someone calling to help them from a trap. As you approach the trap, you find someone stuck under it. The group pulls the trap off, and you'll get to watch another cool Anime scene introducing Nash. Nash tells you that he is a level three apprentice in the Magic Guild in Vane. He also tells you that he has been studying from Ghaleon, one of the four heroes. Nash joins the group and tells you to go visit the old hag.

Nash is also looking for a girl from Burg that is a good singer, and when he hears it is Luna, he is surprised. He says that he'd like to hear Luna sing sometime. Head one screen north, and you'll get to the old hag's house. In the hag's house, you can go downstairs and look at the cauldron. After you see that, go upstairs, and the hag says that she'll give you the Sea Chart in return for Nash's Water Cane. Nash prizes the Water Cane since it was given to him from Ghaleon, but Luna urges him to, so he gives it away.

The group then receives the Sea Chart. Also, if you talk to the Sea Hag a few more times, she will take the Fortune Cane from you. Don't worry, though, if you return here later in the game, she'll give you a much better weapon. If you return to the Sea Hag's house later in the game, you can also find a Silver Light in the red chest.

Head back to Saith. When you enter, you will hear that a monster is eating away at the ship! Go to the dock house and talk to the captain again, he'll give you the details. Tell him that you'll help destroy the monster. Two problems are that he has an slime attack where he leaves your characterin a slime, and that character can't do anything for a few rounds, and he also heals about 90 HP each round.

When you beat the monster, the captain says that he'll take the group to Meribia for free for all of their troubles, after the ship's crew cleans the ship. That night, Luna is depressed. She says she doesn't want to go along, and she wants to look after Alex's parents. The next morning, Luna will come to the ship to see you off. At the last moment, Alex convinces Luna to come with the group, and pulls her onto the boat just in time.

This is the end of the demo. Alex goes out to the deck, and you get to view a very special anime scene. After the boat ride is over, you will arrive in Meribia. Meribia Item Info: Silver red chest , Silver Light red chest What's going on in Meribia: Meribia is a large, busy city that is known for its huge shops and city life. There are many people that live here that do not like the busy city life, but others that do.

Burg is a big city that will take some time to explore. When you arrive at Meribia, Nash says that he had a certain important matter that he needs to attend to, so he'll leave the group for the time being. Ramus also leaves the group, saying that he's going to sell the Dragon Diamond the group found as soon as possible. First of all, you'll want to have the best weapons and armor for your characters. Go to the weapon and armor shops on Black Rose Street.

If you don't have enough money to buy the best weapons and armor here, you'll have to earn some Silver first, but you'll definitely want to have the best weapons and armor for the upcoming period of the game. After you have finished talking to everyone and exploring the city, enter through the main door to the castle and you will encounter Master Mel, one of the four heroes. After introducing himself, he will challenge you to a fight. Don't worry about beating him, because it isn't that important.

If you do beat him, though, you get experience. Basically, just have Alex use Vigor on himself. Then, just keep throwing out Sword Dance. If you do it enough times, you will beat him and get the experience. After the battle, go west to the shops, and you'll encounter Nash and Royce the female fortune teller. She will tell you your fortune, and the outcome is fairly surprising.

Go back to Black Rose Street. Head to the item shop here. You will see that Ramus is negotiating with a man behind the counter for the Dragon Diamond. The item shop owner says the he will pay 2, Silver for it. Ramus hands over the Dragon Diamond, and Nall will notice that it is taking a long time for the man to get the money. Nall inspects behind the counter, and finds that the man is gone!

After close inspection, you will find a hole that leads to the Meribia Sewers. It's time to get your Dragon Diamond back! This is a good area in the beginning of the game to level up, since there is a statue in the area itself, so you can just keep gaining levels until you feel you're set.

None of the enemies here will pose much of a threat. The sewers isn't a really long dungeon, but there are several dead-ends and treasures, so feel free to explore. Make sure to use the statue in Meribia to heal, and come back until you are level Once you feel you're set for the boss, heal one last time at the statue, and then avoid enemies to conserve MP.

Aqua Lizard isn't a very tough enemy at all if you are level When powered up, your Sword Dance attack will do a large amount of damage to Aqua Lizard, and it shouldn't be too hard. Keep Luna healing the party and just attack with Ramus. Ramus will only be able to hit the Water Dragon with a bow, though, so make sure you get one for him ahead of time. The main idea is to pump Alex up, since Ramus and Luna won't be able to do much physically. Also note that the boss is in the water, so you can't use a character's normal attacks on it.

Once you beat the Aqua Lizard, you will find the store owner. The store owner offers to give you of the 2, Silver pieces, but the party gets mad. Ramus ends up with both Silver and the entire store. When you come out of the sewers, Nash says that it would be a good time to travel to Vane so Nash can learn magic from the city's Magic Guild. When you are ready, head out the northern exit of Meribia and onto the world map.

Once you follow the trail, you will come upon the entrance to Vane. The guard at the station recognizes Nash, but he says that Nash can not bring friends unless they have permission from Phacia. The guard tells you that Phacia can be found at the Goddess Shrine slightly to the west.

Head out onto the world map again, and go to the tower to the west. What's going on in the Goddess Tower: People are praying for the good of the country. There are priestesses that are training here, and some talk about how Jessica is a striking young girl that will prove to be an excellent priestess someday. When you enter the tower, the girl on the outside of the tower asks you if you if you want to "rest" or "pray". Pick "rest" to heal your characters.

Then, select "pray". You will now be able to enter the tower. When you go past the first room, Phacia will greet you. Nash will talk to her about giving permission, and Phacia will give you the item you need to enter Vane - the Application. As you are heading out, Phacia notes that she knows Luna is a talented singer, and asks if Luna will come back and sing for her sometime.

Luna says she will, but she needs practice. Head onto the world map again and back to the station to get to Vane. When you get to the station, Nash hands the Application over. Nash says that since this is your first time entering Vane, you have to take a magic test to prove how strong you are.

Nash leaves to go to the Magic Guild, and tells you to meet him there when you finish the test. They usually run away, but if they don't, you can only do 1 damage to them with normal attacks, so either run away from them or use Alex's sword attacks to defeat them. The Gunfoots have a strong beam magic attack that does about 25 damage to both Alex and Luna, but they can be taken out with a normal attack from Alex.

Other than that, the enemies here won't pose too much of a threat. The Magic Test is not very hard. The only hard part of the dungeon is that your characters cannot use any items at all. This shouldn't be a problem, though, since Luna is a good healer, and there are several priests along the way that will heal your characters. There is a priest about midway through the dungeon that offers to heal you, but only once. If you need healing, use this now, but you can always come back later to be healed.

Once you get to the next priest that offers to heal you, go into the next room, kill all of the enemies here, and then let him heal you. This makes it easy to get to the boss in the next room without having any damage done to you. After you are healed, go back into the next room and save. Now, head to the west, and fight the boss of the Magic Test, Truffle Troubler.

The idea is to pump Alex up so he does about damage for each of his Sword Dance attacks. Truffle Troubler usually uses a magic attack each round that does about 35 damage to both Alex and Luna, but this is easily countered if you use Luna's Tranquil Song to heal both Alex and Luna at the same time.

After about five or six Sword Dance attacks, Truffle Troubler will die. Mad Spark: When the bottom of Trubble Troubler becomes a small group of rotating spikes, it will use Mad Spark, an attack in which Truffle Troubler shoots tentacles out of the ground to do damage to both Alex and Luna.

After you beat Truffle Troubler, you will be able to enter the magical city of Vane. Vane Item Info: Soap red chest What's going on in Vane: Vane is a magical city that has been a home to magicians everyone, especially magicians-in-learning that have come to study the ways of becoming experienced in magic. Students come to the city and enrol in the Magic Guild, and become a skilled magician in the ways of the guild.

When you first enter Vane, you will want to stop by all of the shops and buy the best weapons and armor you can afford. There are special pendants for sale here for Silver, and you'll eventually want to get them, but chances are, you won't even be able to now. Purchase the best equippment here, and head to the Magic Guild. Nash will be there waiting for you.

Nash will say that you should speak with Ghaleon before leaving Vane, because he is one of the four legendary heroes, and can give you insight on becoming a Dragonmaster. Now, in the castle, Nash says that he will show Luna and only Luna around the castle portion of Vane. Nash takes Luna into another room, and tells Luna about Vane.

Walk out into the door behind. You will then get to watch an awesome anime scene introducing Ghaleon. Luna apologizes for intruding, and Ghaleon tells her not to worry about it. Now, the scene flashes back to Alex. Walk into one of the rooms, and you'll meet Mia. Once you meet Mia, Nash runs in, telling Alex that they shouldn't bother Mia, since she is very important because her mother is the guildmaster of Vane. Mia says she doesn't mind, and that Alex and Nall were being kind to her.

Nash tells you to go and meet with Ghaleon. Go to the second floor, and into the door. You will now see yet another great anime scene introducing Ghaleon to the rest of the characters. Ghaleon asks you about becoming a Dragonmasters, and asks if you will investigate a supposed new Dragonmaster that has supposedly been born in the town of Lann. You now get to pick whether you want to help Ghaleon or stay in Vane and learn magic.

It doesn't matter what you choose, as you will have to do the next mission anyway. You must now leave for Lann to investigate the supposed new Dragonmaster. You will need to cross the Nanza Barrier in order to get to Lann. The enemies here aren't even much tougher then the enemies you fought in the Magic Test of Vane. Just make sure to watch your HP, and heal in battle when you need it. Especially try to keep Alex alive in all battles.

When you cross the first part of Nanza Pass, you will arrive at the Nanza Barrier. Citizens also speak about how Kyle likes to get drunk often, but is a great guy down inside. People seem to indicate that Kyle is actually drunk at the moment.

Once you get into Nanza Barrier, talk to all of the people. If you try to take the exit to the west, the guard will stop you, and tell you that you need permission from Kyle himself to pass. Also, make sure you talk to the guard twice. Go to the second level. Go into the tower on the right side. Go all the way up to the top, and you will find Kyle, drunk, laying on the ground. Talk to him, and he just say nonsense.

Leave this tower, and come back. The girl that was in the room with Kyle will say that he has gone to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Go all the way to the bottom of the same tower you are in. You will find Kyle, in bed. Talk to the people here, and leave the tower again. Now, enter back into the same tower, and go back down to the cafeteria again. This time, go into the jail area.

You will see a nice anime scene of Kyle sleeping, and then waking up, drunkenly, then going back to sleep. The guard in the jail tells you that he will give you permission to cross the Nanza Barrier if you leave now.

Now, you can get past the guard and head into the second part of Nanza Pass. This area is really short, as you will be on the world map in no time. Once you arrive on the world map, head west, to the village of Lann. Lann Item Info: Silver Light red chest What's going on in Lann: The people in Lann speak of how the supposed Dragonmaster from their town has been stealing food from the people.

Even though the people know he is doing wrong, they still believe he is a real Dragonmaster. You will hear about how he lives on Lann Island. When you enter Lann, go to the mayor's house. You will find Jessica, and you will view another great anime scene that introduces her.

Jessica will say that she knows that if it were a real Dragonmaster, he wouldn't be stealing from the town. Jessica asks if you'll help in finding the supposed Dragonmaster, and you agree. Jessica now joins the party. When you have bought all of the items here that you need, head to the southwestern part of the town. There, you can talk to a man, and you will forcively borrow his boat.

If you want to gain levels, you can take trips from here to Lann, but you more than likely won't need to anyway. When you get to the end of the Island, you will find the supposed Dragonmaster, next to his tent. He tells you that he is a real Dragonmaster, and then summons a huge toad that he calls his "dragon". If you are low on HP and MP, you should use your items and then save before you fight him. You will definitely want Alex to have full MP for this particular battle.

You will want to use the same type of strategy you have been using to this point. Now, Alex will be really strong, and you can just dish out Sword Dance attacks for the next few rounds until he dies. I also recommend using Cascade Song on Jessica when you have a free round, since Jessica is rather weak defensively at this point. After a few rounds of Sword Dance, he should be down.

Zoc apologizes for stealing food from the people of Lann, and being a fake Dragonmaster. Zoc says that he found a toad and called it his dragon, and has lived the fantasy of being a Dragonmaster ever since. Anyway, you can now go back to Lann village. When you get back to Lann, Phacia will be there to greet you. Phacia tells you that there was reported to be a new Dragonmaster, and your group tells her about how Zoc was a fake, and how you took care of him.

Phacia then leaves. The entire party is surprised that Jessica doesn't know who Phacia is, even though Jessica trains at the Goddess Shrine. After you have taken care of the fake Dragonmaster ordeal, you can head back to Vane, taking the route through the Nanza Barrier. You will now meet Lemia, but Lemia believes you are the fake Dragonmasters, and she sends you to prison.

Mia opposes her mother, but Alex is still carried away by the guards. Once in jail, you will here another prisoner, and the voice will be familiar. Mia now comes to rescue Alex, says that she is sorry for what her mother has done. Mia tells Alex that her mother used to be the kindest woman ever, but as of late, she has been very angry and hateful to people.

Mia now gives you Althena's Mirror, an item that she says will reveal the true form of people, showing either good or evil. As you are leaving the cell, you will stop to help the other prisoner. You notice that the woman has a strange device on her head. Mia insists that you help her. Now, your quest is to get through the Crystal Tower of Vane to find out what is going on.

You only have Alex and Mia here, but it shouldn't be too hard. Mia has some excellent magic spells that will do a lot of damage in the tower. Mia also has a lot of magic points, but you still may need to use a few Star Light items here. Once you make your way to the top of the tower, you will find a Magic Guild meeting taking place between Ghaleon, Lemia, Royce, and Phacia. Lemia gets very angry at Mia for introding, and even casts a spell on her.

Lemia asks for Ghaleon to complete the ritual and offer his strength for the magic guild, but Ghaleon refuses, and protects Mia. Mia now uses Althena's Mirror. At first, nothing happens, but the prisoner you have been carrying emerges from the device as the real Lemia! The fake Lemia is now revealed as the dark sorcerer, Xenobia. You will see a nice anime scene showing the Vile Tribe.

Xenobia leaves you with four Ultragoyles to fight. All you need to do is pump up Alex offensively with Vigor, and then rip at the enemy with the Sword Dance attack. Mia will also support you with offensive magic. The Ultragoyles you fight here are almost like normal enemies, but they are quite strong.

They shouldn't pose much of a threat. After all of this is over, Ghaleon apologizes, saying that he knew nothing about what he was doing for the fake Lemia. Ghaleon now takes you to Vane again. In Ghaleon's room, Ghaleon tells you that he should now seek the power of the dragons to save Vane from the Vile Tribe.

Ghaleon asks if the ground will escort him to Burg, and to lead him to Quark. Alex agrees, and Ghaleon tells him that he will be waiting for the group at Mel's mansion in Meribia. Go back to Meribia, and to Mel's mansion. Ghaleon will be waiting for you here, talking to Mel.

Mel encourages you to save the world from the clutches of the Vile Tribe, and is sorry he cannot help you. Take the ship back to Saith. Once you are here, you must go back through the Weird Woods to get to Burg. Ghaleon has four spells that do about HP damage to all of the enemies, is on level 99, and has about HP, so don't worry about getting killed. Head to the Dragon Cave to the east. Once you get to Quark, the White Dragon first commends Ghaleon, and comments that he could be the next Dragonmaster.

Then, you will see a startling anime scene. Ghaleon reveals himself as the Magic Emperor. Ghaleon now casts a spell on Quark, and Quark is rendered powerless in a forcefield, and then dies. Ghaleon then says that he shall rule the world and create a new empire, and take Luna as his queen. Ghaleon abducts Luna, and then casts a spell on Alex, and Alex is knocked unconsious.

When you wake up, you will be back in your home at Burg. At first you don't know what happened, but your father tells you that a man named Laike saved you, and is at Dyne's memorial. Go to Dyne's memorial. Laike will be there waiting for you.

Alex thanks Laike greatly for saving him, but wonders why he was in the cave to begin with. Laike tells Alex that it is a secret. Laike tells Alex that he must get revenge for what has happened, and tells him he must become a Dragonmaster. Laike now gives you the Dragon Wings, an item that allows you to fly back to any city that you have already been to. Go to Meribia. You will now join with Jessica in a battle, and then Jessica explains what happened.

You probably won't want to do much fighting in this area. Use the statue to heal yourself, then save, and make a run for Mel's mansion. It doesn't really matter if you run into a few battles, just so you get there in one piece. When you go into Mel's mansion, you will find out that Mel has went on top of the roof to fight off the monsters. When you get there, you will find the Vile Tribe.

Xenobia attempts to use a spell on Jessica, but Mel steps in front of the it. Mel then turns into stone. The last thing Mel tells Alex to do is take care of his daughter. Jessica is deeply saddened, and moves Mel to a room. Jessica vows to never forgive the Magic Emperor, and Jessica joins Alex. Your next destination is Vane again, but make sure to save before leaving, because you'll have to fight a boss right as you enter.

When go get to Vane, you will meet up with Nash and Mia to fight a monster that has ambushed Vane. Use Vigor in the first round, then beat away with Sword Dance. The other characters will be almost useless in this battle, since they hardly do any damage at all to the boss. Just make sure Jessica is always healing when you need it. Make Nash use a normal attack or Thunder magic, but it won't do much damage either way. It is vital that Alex survives here, so make sure he is always at high HP.

After you destroy the Vile Crustacean, Jessica and Nash will join the party, and the group will vow to get revenge on the Magic Emperor Ghaleon for what he has done. You can now talk to Lemia about what happened. Lemia is sick, and doesn't remember most of what happened. Mia now joins the group. Lemia tells you that to get to the other dragons, you must first pass through the Nanza Barrier, but this time, you must head south of Nanza.

Fly back to Nanza. Right when you enter, you will find a woman being attacked by several demons, along with Xenobia. Xenobia tells the group not to move, or she will destroy the woman. You decide not to move. You will now she a great anime scene. The "woman" will reveal herself as Kyle, and Kyle will slay the demons easily. Jessica now talks to Kyle about how they need to find the other dragons, and Kyle agrees to join the group.

The south end of the Nanza pass is very short, so just head south until you come to the town of Reza. Reza Item Info: Silver Light red chest What's going on in Reza: Mostly everyone here speaks of the Thieves Guild here and how thieves are running around, stealing other people's items. Most people will recommend that you become a thief yourself. When you first enter the town, your group will split up. Someone has quickly run past Nall. When you check all of your items, you will find that someone has stolen your Dragon Wings.

You hear from the person in the bar that if you successfully become a thief, the thief that stole your item must return it to you. You now set out to become a member of the Thieves Guild. You have to pass the test to become a thief. Your next destination is Meryod. Head east, through Meryod Woods. These bee-type enemies can do a lot of damage using the "Poison Sting" attack. You will want to have Jessica ready to heal here at all times, since the Poison Sting attack can do about 90 damage to any of your characters.

You may want to gain a few levels here, but don't stay too long. Head through the woods, and you'll be near the town of Meryod. The people here don't visit the rest of the world , and they act like rednecks. When you first get into Meryod, talk to the people here.

You can also buy some armor here, and also a few items from the item shop. In the item shop, you can also purchase a special ring that raises your attack power, but it costs Silver. Now, walk to the east across a bridge. Your group will notice that there are cracks in the bridge, and your group will fall into the water, and the bridge will be shattered.

When you emerge from the water, go and get the other members of the group. When you get Jessica, Nash, and Mia, you hear from the people here that Kyle went off to the bar. At the bar, Kyle gives you the "Old Notebook", an item that has the hidden password you will need for the next dungeon. You won't be able to get across to the other part of the land at this time. You will now need to pass the test to the south, at the Damon Spire.

As you are leaving through the Meryod Woods, though, you will find that Mel is here, and he is still turned to stone! You wonder how he could have gotten all the way over here. Mel does not seem to act usual, though, since he asks Jessica to die him. Mel turns all of your characters except Jessica to stone.

Kyle then breaks through the stone, and Kyle vows to protect Jessica, since he knows that this Mel is an imposter. You will now have to fight Plaster Mel. Boss: Plaster Mell Weak to sword attacks. Mel won't really be hard at all. Just keep using your Power Slash sword attack.

You can also power your offense up with Kyle's "Power Up" spell. This will cause you to do much more damage each turn. Royce will then appear, and tell you that you ruined her plans. Royce will leave angrily. After you get through the woods, head south to the Damon Spire. Notice that Kyle won't need any accessories because he is very strong both offensively and defensively, but if you have the money, get some for him.

The Mummies andc Bat Knights can only be affected by your elemental attack magic, and the Rufus monsters can only be affected by your physical attack magic. The enemies should not be too hard if you know their weaknesses. Also, this is a good place to build up levels, since the enemies here give a lot of experience points. When you first enter the tower, you will given the first test. You will say that Intelligence is Strength and Wisdom is Power. You will then be able to travel through the first floor of the dungeon.

During the next test, the man will ask you another question. You will have to make several decisions like this through the dungeon. It doesn't matter what character you pick for any of them, though, since you will be able to try again if you fail on them. Anyway, you should chose Mia for the first test. The man now lets you go up to the next level. Fight the enemies on the next level, and make sure to look out for the treasures here.

The man will then asks you the second question as you are approaching the stairs. The correct choice here is Nash. You can now go up to the next floor. On the next floor, the test is rather unusual. At the stairs, you find a man clutching his stomach in pain.

At first he tells you that nothing is wrong, but then he tells you to heal him. Jessica wonders what she should do. Chose to heal the man before heading up to the next level. In the next test, the man tells you that you need to leave one character behind so that the other characters can proceed. You have to chose which ally you want to leave behind. The answer here is to keep saying that you refuse to send anyone away, and that all members helped in getting to the top.

The man tells you that you made a wise decision, and you can move up a floor. The test on the next floor is to mold something out of clay. The man says that if he likes what you make, he will let you pass, but if he doesn't, you may not. You have a new decision to make, you must chose who you want to start molding the clay.

The correct choice here is Alex. He will make a clay image of Luna out of the clay. You will now be able to get to the top of the tower. At the top of the tower, the man commends you on your efforts, and he will tell you that you have passed the test. He also tells you that you should read all the books in the room. Do so, and then leave the tower. Go back to Reza. When you get there, you will be able to get to the Thieves Guild through the bar.

You will also get the Thieves Crest, which lets you open all of the red chests in the game. When you get there to the thief area inside the bar, go north. You will find various shops. Buy the best weapons and armor that you can afford.

Now, you can talk to the thief in the upper right. You will explain how you are now thieves, and he will give you your Dragon Wings back. He will also give you a piece of Soap for your troubles. Now, head back to the main part of Reza. As you are leaving, you will see Royce abducting Lily, the female singer of the area. Lily's grandfather will come in to try to help, but it will be too late. Your group explains how the Vile Tribe is looking for female singers for a certain reason.

Your group tells Lily's grandfather that they will attempt to save her. Royce hints that the next place to go should be the Red Dragon Cave. You will now receive the Blueprints needed to make the airship from one of the Thieves that Lily's grandfather shows you. Your next destination is the Red Dragon Cave, but you will have to go to Iluk first.

The people talk about how the inventor doesn't leave his house often and usually works all of the time on his inventions. Otherwise, the town is a pretty average town living near the Red Dragon Cave. When you first get here, use the statue to heal. Then, go to the northern most house.

You will find the inventor here. Give him the Blueprints. The inventor will tell you that he will help the group make the airship the Blueprints describes. The inventor tells you that he has lost his bug, and tells you to find it in the Iluk Field. You agree to his terms. Go north to the Iluk Field.

You have five members in your party now, and you have a wide variety of attacks. Nash and Mia will use magic on the enemy groups while Alex and Kyle attack physically and Jessica either attack or heal. If you have problems, you can always take trips back to Iluk to heal at the goddess statue. This is also a great place to gain levels in the game, since the enemies here give you considerably more experience points than before. There are several springs here that will shoot you to other places in the field.

When you are ready, head up to the upper-left area. You will see a bug sitting there without moving at all. Try to talk to it, and you will have to fight an easy enemy group. Once you win, you will receive the "Fluffy Bug" item. Now, head back to Iluk to give this to the inventor. The home page is already a complete circus with the endless, obnoxious ads.

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I will be following it up this week at the Reebok Camp. My feel about Cheek: Seton Hall has no shot, Rutgers has an outside shot. GReat to hear that the alternate worlds novel is finally getting published, and the news of two Quiet Wars novels is particularly exciting! Someone should collect the stories sometime….

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You no need to see closet while enjoy your meal, you saw it when trying to buy one. So, nothing wrong with this picture but not appropriate for all age, people and situation. The winners will be the. I agree, they switched to the Lights Out thing to make Staples look more like the Forum used to, where the focus is on the game not the stands.

I think only the Lakers and Knicks do that, but I like it. A chaque fois que je suis revenue le message avait disparu. Si celui-ci reste je remets mon message. Hair Transplant is a day care procedure done under local anaesthesia. Hair follicles are harvested usually from the back side of the head and implanted in the recipient bald area.

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There are too many decent marketers out there that I can align myself with. Such as you! LOL Take care,Donna. Great stuff. We are both right. This movie looks like a sad bird. In particular, a quietly contemplative turkey. Hi ya!! You guys are a wonderful couple And Sarah i hope i get to meet you! You are a very beautiful young woman and i just know you guys will live happily ever after! Ditto about Last Resort. Solid plot, but the mystery of why the sub was fired on is already running on fumes 4 episodes in.

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Please check it out this issue. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? Tomek pisze:Witam! Nydelig bilde Petunia. Krysser fingrene. Klem fra Siv. Cand frica nu mai are nici un efect asupra deciziilor facute de un om, acel om devine o arma. Nu trebuie sa devina violent pentru a produce schimbarea ajunge doar sa se ridice in picioare dupa fiecare lovitura. Cara mengatasi dan mengobati hernia. Hernia atau turun berok selama ini lebih sering dikenal sebagai penyakit pria, karena hanya kaum adam yang mempunyai penyakit khusus dalam rongga perut untuk mendukung fungsi alat kelamin.

Berdasarkan penyebabnya, penyakit hernia dibagi menjadi 2 dua yaitu penyakit hernia bawaan congenital dan penyakit hernia yang diderita akuista. Sedangkan penyakit hernia yang menurut letaknya, hernia bisa dibedakan menjadi hernia umbilical, inguinal, diafragma femoral, dan masih ada lagi dan cukup banyak namanya yang dapat membedakan penyakit hernia ini. Bagian hernia sendiri terdiri dari kantong, cincin, dan isi didalam hernia itu sendiri.

Isi didalam hernia yaitu ovarium, usus, dan jaringan penyangga usus omentum. Bila ada bagian yang lemah dari lapisan otot dinding perut, maka usus didalam perut akan keluar ke lokasi yang tidak semestinya. Penyakit yang satu ini cukup berbahaya, sehingga anda harus mengetahui cara mengatasi hernia tersebut. Penyakit Hernia, Gejala dan Cara Mengatasinya. RubenHello,I have read that the lense is FTM but you have to hold down the shutter half-way, to prevent camera and lens to go to sleep since the manual focus is by-wire, there is no mechanical connection between focus ring and focus mechanism.

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