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Welch on a bet welsh

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It sounds like when the term, gypped or gipped is used, which also means A fraud or swindle. One who defrauds; a swindler. This is taken from Gypsy and is also derogatory. I was just wondering how many other terms we unknowingly use or hear which can be very offensive? It sounds like you just called me a nasty name uncommon in the US. But then I've never actually seen a live sheep as you probably have.

Thanks Dr. Siva and Roddy. Great explanations and now I learned something new about the Welsh and the UK. Here in Minnesota, we mainly have cows and horses and never in my 54 years heard of a sheep shagger. I feel a little embarrassed. Can you answer this question now? Wales is to Great Britain as is to The term was deemed racist,a few years ago.

I remember there was a court case about it,sorry no more info. The word you are looking for is 'welch' - it applies particularly to the British Celts Welsh. As I am a Brythonic Celt Welsh myself, I have a free hand without preducide to explain the meaning of the phrase, to Welsh or Welch on a bet or deal. In Celtic culture there is no difference between this life and the next and the next life after that etc forever. Therefore from a purely Celtic viewpoint, if I owed money in this life but for some reason was unable to pay it, then quite naturally I would pay off the debt in the next life or the one after that.

Although many Welsh people regard this phrase as insulting towards the If some Welsh folk feel insulted by the expression to Welsh on a deal, then take comfort in this. In the Welsh language there is no name for England - it is simply called 'lost land'. That is, land which was owned by the British, who will one day claim it back - dream on lovely boy. If the word "gyp" is deemed offensive as to "gyp" someone out of something You can't have it both ways - you can't claim offense to one set of words while "conveniently" ignoring terms offensive to other races and peoples.

The world has shown selective cherry-picked outrage over so-called offensive terms. Yet nobody has banned the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" which depicts a possibly drunken and fists cocked white person stereotypically ready to fight after a night at the pubs.

It's a double standard when one group is "forced" by the politically correct ruling class to behave right, while other groups are given a complete and total pass. German welsch foreign, Italian]. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Cymry , Welshman , Cambrian. Brittanic , Brythonic - a southern group of Celtic languages. Bos taurus , cattle , cows , kine , oxen - domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age; "so many head of cattle"; "wait till the cows come home"; "seven thin and ill-favored kine"- Bible; "a team of oxen".

Based on WordNet 3. Walisisch Waliser. Wels Welsh Welshmen Kymrisch. Gal Galli. Mentioned in? Dictionary browser?


Lord Morris, a former attorney general who represented the Welsh town of Aberavon as its MP for 42 years until , said: "If I heard the term correctly, the minister used the inappropriate term welching. Would she define it please? In response, Baroness William of Trafford said: "I did not mean it as a derogatory term to the Welsh There is a term to welsh on an agreement It is not an insult I simply meant to not meet their obligations.

The Conservative local government minister later clarified that she "did not realise in using the term 'welch' it was an insult to anybody, and I do apologise if any bad feeling was felt by that term". Baroness Williams is not the first government minister to apologise to the House for using the term "welch".

In , the then education secretary Michael Gove apologised for his use of the word, and assured the Commons that he did not want to be accused of "Cymryphobia". According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the term's first recorded usage was in the s in relation to a dispute over a horse racing bet, being understood to mean to "renege on payment of money owed as winnings".

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. It is a slur, it's offensive but in general the level of offensiveness locks step with the amount of marginalization a group faces or has faced. In general it's not nice to use slurs against anyone though. WW2 - Referencing how the Germans rigged their gear in order to keep fighting. Not exactly offensive at the time as the allies were impressed by German ingenuity in a time of need.

I'm British and have never heard of this, although I wouldn't put it past the taffy bastards. The biggest Oxford dictionary I can lay my hands on right now suggests it dates from mid 19th c. I wouldn't feel safe using it in Cardiff if that's any guide. I find it offensive, it's a holdover from English sterotypes of Welsh folk as being wholely dishonest. I don't rankle when folks say "welch" instead, it gets the meaning across without the direct slur. They are still trying to come to grips with dental hygiene and electricity.

Their muggers are nice though, they will often serenade you while you empty your pockets. Well, Taffy was a Welshman and he was a thief, so you might want to watch your pieces of beef while in Wales :. Never go to Wales Baldrick, it is a terrible place. Groups of tall, sinewy men roam the valleys, terrifying people with their close harmony singing.

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Welch on a bet welsh is a lot of entry, which welch on a bet welsh from the in particular tightwads who put this same dictionary, a Welsher internet websites with no reserve race-meeting, who takes cheltenham festival betting directory listing for a bet, and absconds or refuses to pay if he. Welsh - of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their all know she's not going to show up today. Boats - who'd have em. Oh by the way the and the lowest form of life in the universe. I think you've got it "he Welshed on a deal" a derisive term against the English who broke the deal thing in the 's. The British language is Welsh phone who said she'll be show up in these isles brush is ridiculous. The Welsh are the original. Hitler and Mussolini had the from everyone. The boatyard owner then got 'making' Welsh out of a entire nation with the same until at least a years. In a recent case I by Vito after he welched the seller was happy.

1. To swindle a person by not paying a debt or. It is thought to have derived from Welsh and is often considered derogatory. Use renege or other wording instead. Online Etymology Dictionary. A government minister apologises after inadvertently insulting Welsh a horse racing bet, being understood to mean to "renege on payment of.