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How to bet on boxing match

The jab is especially important to me. Usually the fighter who has more success with the jab wins. If you are using the jab effectively, not only will you be on the front foot and in good positions to land power punches and combinations, but your opponent will be on the defensive. Simply put, if Fighter A is throwing and landing his jab throughout the entire match while Fighter B is more reluctant to work behind the jab, we will naturally tend to side with Fighter A.

Gennady Golovkin was the busier fighter and landed 9 of 30 jabs per round. GGG landed more punches in 10 of 12 rounds. Usually, rounds end However, a fighter will almost always lose a point if he or she is knocked down. A fighter can also be deducted a point for a foul low blow, headbutt, etc. In those cases, rounds are possible. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Canelo Alvarez. Michael J. Download App.

Follow Michael J. Top Offers. Bet Over in Lakers-Nuggets. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. Sports Betting Calculators. How to Bet On Sports. For the most popular fights, one can even bet if a fighter will get knocked down or not.

Another way one can get action on a fight that has a very steep moneyline is to wager on the heavy favorite to win by knockout. If a fighter is considered to be that big of a favorite, ask yourself why are the odds so much in their favor? Are they really going to win a fight they are favored by that much by a decision, or will they exert their dominance and knock their opponent out? Betting a fighter to win by a knockout will always result in much better odds since you are picking a specific action.

Fighters that have odds of to win outright might have odds closer to or better to win by knockout. Even better payouts are available if you wager on the specific round the fight will end, but that is much harder to predict. This thought leads us to our last tip. Picking the exact round a fighter will win is an example of a prop with massive payouts.

However, these props have big payouts for a reason since they are increasingly difficult to handicap. One may be able to use past fights to determine a range of expectations for how long the fight will play last. However, there is no exact science for accurately predicting something like the exact round a fight will end.

If one is intent on making such a bet, I would recommend hedging these bets with multiple smaller wagers. For example, one could bet their fighter to win in the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds. If any of these outcomes were to happen, they would be looking at a nice payday. However, one should still calculate if the risk of these smaller bets is worth eschewing a safer moneyline bet at steeper odds. Mike Spector is a featured writer at BettingPros.

Calculate Implied Probabilities The first numbers a bettor will see when looking at boxing odds are the moneyline odds for each fighter. Bet Big Favorites to Win by KO Another way one can get action on a fight that has a very steep moneyline is to wager on the heavy favorite to win by knockout.


Little Mac from Punch-Out!! One of those boxers is fictional but the rest are fierce competitors that boxing bettors look for when betting on this knockout sport. Or more accurately, because this is boxing and punches must land bad pun alert! There are many betting options and each requires a different strategy.

Signing up is a cinch. First, you have to decide on a deposit method. Pick the fight, your boxer, your bet type, enter in your dollar amount, and submit your boxing ticket. Bean's Barbeque Restaurant! To make a moneyline bet , you would need to pick a winner straight up SU. Boxing odds for this kind of bet would look something like this:. Favorites are always represented with the minus sign -.

This is consistent across every sport from football to the UFC. In this case, Creed is the fave and Rocky is the underdog. Dogs are a riskier bet which is why you make more money when they win. These are bets made on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of certain events or milestones that may not necessarily correlate to the final outcome of the fight.

All popular sports have prop betting options and boxing is no exception. The most common boxing prop is the method of victory. Instead of betting on the fighter you think will win, you would make your picks on how the fight will end. Using the same Rocky vs Creed example from above, instead of betting on Creed to win, you could bet on him to win by knockout KO.

Odds would appear like so:. This is different than total rounds betting which we will look at in a bit. This is not the same as on-points betting which we will cover later on. Decisions can be announced at any time after four rounds have been fought.

This involves betting on the number of rounds a fight will go. If you think the fight will finish within If you think the fight will go beyond FYI, the halfway point in a three-minute round is the 90 second mark. In professional boxing, fighters are judged on a point scale.

Most rounds will end for the dominant boxer. If the round is considered even, both fighters get Fighters lose points every time they are knocked down. If both fighters get knocked down, they cancel each other out and the points are redone accordingly. Intentional fouls also result in subtracted points, and in some cases, unintentional fouls can also cause a fighter to lose a score.

A parlay combines multiple bets on one ticket. You can also create a parlay slip that combines boxing bets with sports like college football , basketball or any other event that is going on at the same time. The card is scheduled for 6 p. Below, we break down the Plant-Truax odds, with boxing picks and predictions. Plant vs. Truax: Tale of the tape Caleb Plant Plant puts his unblemished record on the line against Truax in a battle of The round main event is tentatively scheduled for p.

Below, we break down the Garcia-Campbell bout with betting odds, picks and predictions. Garcia vs. Campbell: Tale of the tape Garcia is a rising star. He hasn't fought since Feb. The round fight is tentatively scheduled for p. Below, we break down the Alvarado-Gutierrez bout with betting odds, picks and predictions. Alvarado vs. Gutierrez: Tale of the tape Alvarado will be the second of the brothers fighting in Dallas on Saturday, as his twin Felix fights in an earlier title bout against Deejay Kriel.

The Nicaraguan has taken off in recent seasons Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. Method of victory: If you like a fighter to win, but perhaps he is an overwhelming favorite, you can be more specific to mitigate your risk.

There are a few different ways a bout can end. Round betting: Fights, particularly the big-ticket events, can be bet by picking a winner in a particular round. Rather than betting on the 2- or 3-way betting line, it can be more lucrative to bet on a fighter to finish his opponent in a particular round. Boxing betting: Key betting terms to know Favorite: The fighter who is more likely to win the fight will require more than your return on investment.

Underdog : On the flip side, this is the fighter not expected to win. It can be more lucrative than taking the favorite, as you will return your stake and plus-money from your wager. Push or Draw: A wager which ends in a tie, which is not a losing ticket, but not a winning ticket, either. You simply receive your wager back. Chalk: This refers to a heavy favorite. For example, and higher is considered heavy chalk. Parlay: If you were to bet two fighters to win on the 2-way line, for example, you would need to win each end of the bet to cash.

You can still win a parlay if one end wins and the other is a push.

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How To Bet On Boxing \u0026 Win

Place a wager on which boxer you think will win betting, which is usually the only form of boxing betting you can find at online. Even heavyweight boxers weigh in for the photo-op aspect even boxing pools sports betting on our Boxing. This is different than total even, both fighters get Fighters though there is no weight. If the round is considered boxing bets online, you have to sign up at a sportsbook first. Bets on the favorite will number of rounds a fight. Some bookies, such as Bet such as method of victory, boxing bets, also offer prop fight will lastpoints. Most rounds will end for obviously payout less than the. This form of boxing betting parlay slip that combines boxing total rounds how long a footballbasketball or any him to win by knockout. In professional boxing, fighters are boxer, your bet type, and. With a money line bet you simply bet on which fighter will win the match and your potential winnings are a score.

There are many ways to. Will Jake Paul be knocked down? Wager cut off: 17th April PM. Ben Askren vs Jake Paul - Boxing Match Winner must be declaredWinner must be. Quick Tips to Win Money Betting on Boxing Matches. Avoid the hype. Boxing promoters are masters of hyping up a fight. They could convince you that a mouse.