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Helen martins mauro betting lines

Capitol amid supporters of former President Donald Trump, court records show. A man who exchanged gunfire with Las Vegas police Tuesday was discovered dead after a fire erupted inside the apartment where he had barricaded himself for hours. Whether your valentine is a thrill seeker, dog lover, bird-watcher, stargazer, movie lover … or maybe just a little bitter … we have a date idea for you. New cases of the disease were below the day moving average of , while fatalities were far above the daily average of 16 for the period.

Shane Loyd, 43, pleaded guilty Tuesday to three felonies for shooting at Las Vegas police officers in October. A pair of easement agreements approved by the board will enable The Boring Co. If your only window into the economy was the stock market, you might not know that the world was in the middle of a pandemic. The three major U. The win was quickly overshadowed when the Golden Knights canceled their postgame media availability in accordance with COVID protocols.

The Las Vegas Raiders Ambulance is designed as the ultimate fan car. Catch it, someday, at Allegiant Stadium. Goalie tandem continues to produce for Golden Knights. February 9, - pm February 9, - pm. More video likely as Democrats will try to prove Trump incited riot.

February 10, - am February 10, - am. Palms likely to stay shut until customer base returns, official says. Charges added for 2 arrested in Las Vegas in Capitol riot case. Man shot in face during drug deal near North Las Vegas Airport. Las Vegas police say a man was shot in the face during a drug transaction Tuesday night. Man who shot at officers found dead after apartment standoff, fire. February 9, - am February 9, - pm.

Because he was a football player, Dryer was considered for that role. However, the role was eventually given to Ted Danson. Paul Paul Vaughn was a bar customer who appears recurringly until "Manager Coach" , an episode of the second season — He spends most of his time antagonising Cliff Clavin John Ratzenberger. He is not to be confused with Paul Krapence Paul Willson. Alan Alan Koss was a bar patron who appears recurringly through the show's entire run. The character of Alan is known to be single, and lives in a room with a Murphy bed.

Immediately, she breaks into tears, so Alan tries to cheer her up without avail by "accepting" and then drinking the wrong order. In "Those Lips, Those Ice" , when Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman assumes that her then-husband Eddie Jay Thomas is cheating on her with another woman, Alan advises Carla to tell Eddie how she feels inside by expressing not only her heart but also her soul, so they both "give unto" each other.

Norm Peterson George Wendt reacts by calling him a "clown". Andy Schroeder Derek McGrath is an ex-convict. It is discovered he killed the waitress in an Italian restaurant, Via Milano, and was imprisoned. He rides a motorcycle. During the date, Diane and Sam are horrified by Andy's murderous comments.

Andy later reappears in "Homicidal Ham" and then holds people hostage to commit robbery with a gun. Fortunately, Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman catches him after he drops the gun. As learned, Andy has no job because of his past; nevertheless, Andy learned acting in high school.

Diane convinces Sam not to send him to the police and, instead, gives him a chance to do performance in Shakespearean play Othello. Andy then falls in love with Diane, but he becomes jealous and then murderous when he see Sam and Diane kissing. Later, he is sometimes called " Andy-Andy " by characters and real-life sources alike.

Woody Boyd Woody Harrelson tells him that Diane no longer works as a waitress anymore, so Andy leaves. In " Someone Single, Someone Blue " , Boggs repeatedly asks Diane to be his wife to help her mother Helen keep her inheritance under the late Spencer Chambers's will. When the time expires and Diane is still single, Helen loses all the wealth. Fortunately, as he ultimately admits, Boggs embezzled a healthy proportion of the Chambers's money in the past and has money still remaining.

He proposes to be Helen's husband, and Helen accepts. He notifies her that Helen felt uncomfortable contacting Diane while Diane was in the ward. Justice Harrison Fiedler Dean Dittman is a justice of the peace. In his first episode, "Someone Single, Someone Blue" , he performs Sam and Diane's almost wedding, which is halted by Diane's mother Helen, who is appalled by their bickering toward each other.

In his second and last episode, "Bar Bet" , her performs a faux wedding of Sam and Jacqueline Bisset not to be confused with the actress Jacqueline Bisset , whom Sam obtained to avoid losing his bar to his friend Eddie Gordon Michael Richards.

Tom Tom Babson , an aspiring lawyer who studies law and attempts to pass the bar exam. He is primarily involved in main stories that involve legality, like financial will and parental custody. Sometimes, his credited surname is either Sherry or Babson. In "Chambers vs. Although Sam testifies that there was no assault, Tom requests that Sam propose to Diane in front of the court, which Sam reluctantly does.

His last episode is "Airport V" In previous season, Nick was referenced, mostly by his ex-wife Carla Rhea Perlman ; as discovered, he was a deadbeat father and disloyal husband when he cheated on Carla with another woman. He has made no attempt to support his children financially and barely has any contact with them. Nick is loud, unkempt, and extremely unsophisticated; despite these tremendous flaws, he has at times exercised an inexplicable romantic power over Carla.

In their first episode "Battle of the Exes" , after Nick and Loretta's wedding, Nick comes into the bar and then begs Carla to reunite with him, even though he is married to Loretta. However, Carla turns him down in "favor" of Sam Malone Ted Danson although, unbeknownst to him, Sam and Carla pretend to be together at the wedding to make Nick jealous , and then Nick and Loretta leave.

In "An American Family" , Loretta discovered that she will never be able to produce children. Therefore, Nick and Loretta attempt to retrieve custody of one of Carla's children - eldest son Anthony Timothy Williams - without avail. Before marrying Nick, Loretta had dreamed of becoming a singer; she once described herself as a "taller, blonder, less Mormon Marie Osmond ". Although she lacked talent, she performed with two groups: "The Grinning Americans" described as an Up with People -type group , and The Lemon Sisters deliberately named to be confused with The Lennon Sisters.

In "If Ever I Would Leave You" , Loretta kicks Nick out for not supporting her decision to join a singing group, so he goes to Cheers to work as a janitor to prove himself as a better man to Carla. Three weeks later, Loretta comes to the bar and then begs him to be still her husband. At first he refuses, but he realizes his mistake, prompting him to dump Carla again. In "Save the Last Dance for Me" , Nick and Loretta enter the dance competition against Sam and Carla, but both are disqualified during the contest.

Nick and Carla dance for one time, and subsequently win the competition. At the bar, Nick begs Carla to be together with him again behind Loretta's back, but Carla, in retaliation, cracks an egg on his forehead. Nick and Loretta appear in their own short-lived spin-off The Tortellis , which lasted from January to May In "Spellbound" , Loretta leaves Nick because she figures that Nick is not faithful to her.

She then goes to Cheers to seek help from Carla and Diane Chambers Shelley Long for independence, such as becoming a singer. Nick arrives at the bar to woo Diane, Loretta, and then Carla with a violinist and dinner without success. Diane advises Nick to improve his marriage with Loretta, so he leaves the bar trying to go after Loretta. In "Loathe and Marriage" , Nick and Loretta come to his daughter Sarafina 's Leah Remini wedding with a retired police officer, located at the bar.

Carla tries to throw him out, but Sarafina convinces her to let Nick stay. At the wedding reception, Loretta sings. Lewis Sam Scarber , an African-American "large, athletic male" [26] postal worker. In fact, both Lewis and Victor cannot stand Cliff because of his know-it-all behavior, and Lewis leaves, resolving not to help Cliff.

In his second and final episode "I Call Your Name" , Lewis is fired from his job for stealing fragrance samples from people's mail unbeknownst to him, Cliff had reported him. Lewis wants to find out the identity of the person who reported him to physically attack him, but ultimately he decides not to do so, having already found another job.

Brown called him a stereotype of African Americans. Steve Steve Giannelli , a bar patron. His first episode is "Norman's Conquest" ; his final is " One for the Road " , the series finale. Actor Gianelli previously appeared as unnamed customer in "No Help Wanted" Al Al Rosen was an elderly male bar patron. Over the series until the actor's death in , [27] Al was sometimes involved in bar dialogue, especially cold openings. He has a distinct, gravelly voice and often unexpectedly interjected with a comedic one-liner relevant to what the characters are discussing, often leaving them speechless momentarily.

In his first credited episode "Fortune and Men's Weight" , when Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman asks men who the all-time "bigwig" is, Al declares " Sinatra " as an answer, bemusing patrons. His last credited episode is "The Improbable Dream: Part 2" season 8, episode 2; In the Frasier episode " Cheerful Goodbyes " , Cliff mistakenly refers to Phil as Al; Phil corrects him by saying that Al died "fourteen years" earlier, i.

Larry Larry Harpel is a bar patron. Actor Harpel previously appeared in the season premiere "Rebound" as an unnamed customer. Tim Tim Cunningham is a bar patron. Chuck works at a lab that creates mutated viruses. Whenever he visits and then exits the bar, people in the bar sanitizes everything to eliminate viruses, including ones that Chuck touches. Walter Q. In his first episode "Executive's Executioner Hines" , Walt attempts to mail Cliff Clavin 's John Ratzenberger letter that contains insults to Cliff's noisy neighbors, but Cliff retrieves it and rips it to shreds.

In "A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff" , he and his brother, posing as a postal inspector named Henderson, trick Cliff into believing that all postal employees must wear a new uniform. Years later, he appears in the Frasier episode "Cheerful Goodbyes" Season 9 , at Cliff's retirement party, where he and Cliff make up.

During high school, both Woody and Beth were overweight, a problem which seemed to become resolved once they were separated; however, after their reunion, they end up overeating and people unsuccessfully attempt to help them overcome it. Fortunately, Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer tells Beth that she and Woody substitute overeating for premarital sex due to religious backgrounds. Although Sam Malone Ted Danson and Diane Chambers Shelley Long take the couple to dinner to help them control their eating habits, Woody and Beth end up taking Frasier's psychological advice seriously and make plans to have sex.

Beth confesses that she and Woody are two different people who are not meant for each other: Woody is adventurous, while she wants to settle down into commitment. In "The Groom Wore Clearasil" , teenagers Anthony and Annie want to be married with his mother Carla's permission, but Carla refuses and tries to keep them apart without avail because she assumes that Anthony resembles his deadbeat father Nick. Suddenly, Annie's cousin Gabrielle Sherilyn Fenn walks into the bar, and Anthony becomes attracted to her, much to Annie's dismay.

Anthony and Annie also appear as regular characters in the short-lived spin-off The Tortellis and live with Nick and his wife Loretta Jean Kasem. After the spin-off ended, in two-part episode "Little Carla, Happy at Last" , married Anthony and Annie were kicked out by Nick and then decide to live with Carla. Therefore, she works as a temporary waitress and then tries to flirt with the bartender Sam Malone Ted Danson repeatedly to no avail.

To try and win her back, Anthony finds a job at a burger joint. At the end, he walks in the bar with his work uniform to prove himself to Annie, winning her back in the process. Outraged and horrified that the Annie is pregnant at such a young age and at the prospect of becoming a grandmother , Carla kicks them out and neither are heard from ever again, destroying the couple's plans to live with Carla and Eddie after their baby arrived. After the rivalry between Gary's and Cheers was established in season four , beginning in season six one episode per year — generally called "Bar Wars" — featured a contest between the two drinking holes for customers.

The Cheers gang almost invariably loses each contest to Gary. However, Gary realizes that Harry is a fake when Harry's check bounces, leaving Gary without money and the bar. Paul Krapence Paul Willson is a bar patron. His first episode is "Fools and Their Money" , and his last is the series finale " One for the Road ". He generally hangs around with Norm and Cliff in the hopes of being included in their activities.

Most often he is excluded from the Cheers gang's activities, something that upsets him deeply, [29] except for some, which "he insisted" on participating in. However, Sam Malone Ted Danson orders him not to tell anyone about this for everyone's sake. In the season 10 episode "The Norm Who Came to Dinner", Norm explains that Paul years earlier had been an athlete who had been brought into the bar to try to get him and Cliff into shape, implying that Paul instead conformed to become the frumpy, smoking bar patron we see throughout the show's run.

It is later revealed that Paul works as a toll booth operator. However, Sam becomes angrier when he finds out about her and Cliff Clavin John Ratzenberger , which ends Sam's relationship with her. Paul's only Frasier episode that he appears in is "Cheerful Goodbyes" The fourth member is 2nd Tenor Larry F.

In the cold open of "Dark Imaginings", the Bass quits after one of quartet members chides him for costing them their chance to win a championship. Norm tries out the quartet to fulfill his lifelong dream only to then abandon it immediately. In "The Stork Brings a Crane", the quartet performs all day on Cheers's centennial anniversary party, much to bar patrons' annoyance, until Sam chokes one of them off-screen.

Phil Philip Perlman is a regular bar patron who appears throughout the series beginning in the fourth season. He is an older gentleman with large glasses who would make an occasional acerbic comment. Perlman was the father of Cheers cast member Rhea Perlman. Her last episode is "Cheers: The Motion Picture" Portrayer Doris Grau was also a script supervisor of Cheers.

Before her physical appearances, a lot is learnt about her, mainly through her son. It is first mentioned in the third season that Cliff lives with his her, for which the other barflies mocked him. In the episode "Coach in Love Part 2", Cliff's mother is heard in a voice-over. When she asked if she could stop by and meet the gang, Cliff whispered under his breath "When Hell freezes over".

Regardless, Esther ultimately appears in "Money Dearest" , and becomes engaged to a wealthy man Duncan Fitzgerald Richard Erdman upon Cliff's urging. Cliff tries to persuade Esther to break off the engagement when Esther makes Duncan donate half his fortune to charity, but Duncan dies hours later, leaving her heartbroken. In season six , it was revealed that Cliff, contrary to his usual know-it-all personality at the bar, is actually quiet at home and his mother is actually "the real yapper in the family".

Esther's appearances at the bar gives an insight into Cliff's know-it-all personality, as Esther spouts even more useless facts than Cliff; Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer remarks that, after meeting Esther, he sees Cliff as "almost heroically" well-adjusted. One of Esther's pastimes is making pretzels in unintentionally unusual shapes, which Cliff brings them into the bar in "Second Time Around" Patrons find them awful to taste, but is unable to tell him without hurting Esther's feelings.

Therefore, Cliff brings them again in other episodes. In "The Last Angry Mailman" , Esther sells their house only to have it bulldozed and then replaced by a convenience store. Since then, they live in an apartment together, which first appears in "My Fair Clavin" In her "Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses" , Cliff sends Esther to a senior center but then regrets it, despite her obvious pleasure about living there. Cliff eventually takes her back into the apartment, feeling guilty for dumping Esther in a home.

Most of Vera's appearances were uncredited voiceovers, although her body is seen in the fifth season episode "Thanksgiving Orphans"; her face is covered by filling from a pie Diane Chambers Shelley Long threw at Norm. In the ninth season episode "It's A Wonderful Wife" her legs can be seen through the bar's front window as she sits crying on the steps after being fired from her job at Melville's as a hat-check girl. Vera's background is briefly mentioned throughout the series: she and Norm were high school sweethearts , Vera was a cheerleader , and they married soon after graduating.

In "Truce or Consequences" , the two celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary which they celebrate by going for pizza, so Norm can "get back here [the bar] by ten" , which means they married at some point in Vera's family, who also remain unseen, frequently descend upon the Peterson household. Vera's much younger sister, Donna, is the most frequent visitor, and usually stays for extended periods of time.

Norm claims to dread these visits because, while he considers her more attractive than Vera, she relentlessly hits on him; he claims to have once walked in on Donna while she was naked and she tried to cover herself up with an emery board. In "One Hugs, The Other Doesn't" , Norm mentions that Vera has nieces and nephews, which means Vera must have at least one brother or another sister.

While generally tolerating Donna and Vera's other relatives, Norm shows a dislike to her parents: when Vera's mother stays with them, Norm was assigned to take her to visit Bunker Hill , but he instead locked her in the car and went to the bar like normal.

A conversation at the bar revealed that Norm doesn't know if Vera's father is alive or not; when he calls her and asks, she refuses to speak to him for several days and the issue is never clarified. Despite being the frequent butt of Norm's jokes, he professes a deep love for Vera. When they separate following Norm's inability to hold down a job, Norm slumps without her. When he learns that Vera is being wooed by former high school wrestling rival Wally Bodell Walter Olkewicz in "They Called Me Mayday" , Norm challenged Wally to a wrestling match in order to win her back; when Vera learns of this, it leads to her reconciling with Norm.

Norm is subsequently distraught at the thought of Vera cheating on him and the prospect of him leaving her; despite that, he refuses to have an affair with Phyllis out of spite, still feeling a certain loyalty to Vera. In "Feeble Attraction" , Norm's secretary Doris Cynthia Stevenson reveals that she has developed feelings for Norm, which flusters him, although he is soon rid of the problem when he has to close the business down.

When asked by Frasier where he came up with the name Kreitzer, Norm reveals that it was Vera's maiden name. Hugh Hugh Maguire is a tall, balding with a fringe of dark hair bar patron wearing usually a beige or brown sport jacket and tie. His first episode is "Chambers vs.

Malone" , and his last is "Jumping Jerks" In the cold opening of "Chambers vs. Malone", Hugh sits with Pete and Mark at one table, forgetting who is the " designated driver " while intoxicated. Sam calls a taxicab company to take them home. Pete Peter Schreiner is a friendly blonde man seen usually in casual clothing. Malone" , and his last is " One for the Road " Malone", Pete sits with Hugh and Mark at one table, forgetting who is the " designated driver " while intoxicated.

He loans Sam surveillance equipment in "Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby," telling Frasier that he uses it to spy on his wife, who "sleeps around a lot. Mark Mark Arnott is a man with a black hair wearing usually a suit. Malone" , and his last is "Indoor Fun with Sam and Robby" Malone", Mark sits with Hugh and Pete at one table.

Seeing them forget who is the " designated driver " while intoxicated, Hugh agrees with Sam calling them a taxicab ride home. However, because of their relationship, Eddie's streak unfortunately comes to an end. Since both are superstitious, they end their relationship in order to avoid ruining Eddie's ability to play.

They nevertheless reconcile shortly thereafter and promise to break up repeatedly before every game to avoid the "curse". In " Home Is the Sailor ", Carla is revealed to be several months pregnant with Eddie's twins incorporated by another of Perlman's pregnancies. She almost quits her waitressing job because Eddie said that he would take care of her financially. However, the Bruins released him from his contract due to his age and declining athletic performance, and he could not find another team.

In "Airport V" , Eddie ends up as a penguin mascot for a traveling ice show in another state. Later in the —88 season, Carla gives birth to their twin boys, named Elvis and Jesse, after Carla's idol Elvis Presley and his stillborn twin brother. In "Death Takes a Holiday on Ice" , Eddie is killed by an ice resurfacer when he saves the life of another member of the ice show. At the funeral, it was revealed that he had bigamously married another woman, Gloria Anne De Salvo , and had twins with her as well.

Carla changes her surname back to Tortelli to avoid being confused with the other "Mrs. However, Thomas denied this and declared that he was referring only to the Carla character. Joanne Catherine MacNeal is a local newscaster, appearing only when someone, usually Norm Peterson George Wendt , is watching the bar's television. In "'I' on Sports" , her short-time co-newsanchor Sam Malone Ted Danson flirts with her, but she resists and turns him down.

In "Christmas Cheers" , she reports a raging lunatic presumably Cliff Clavin John Ratzenberger throwing canned foods at an airplane. Father Barry Eric Christmas is a priest, who usually gives advice about sexuality and spirituality. His first episode is "Swear to God" , and his last is "Achilles Hill" In "Adventures in Housesitting" , he assigns her to babysit his doberman Sir Broundwin the Gallant , also called Buster , while he leaves for a business trip.

During Rebecca's care, Buster runs away from Mr. Sheridan's manor, so Woody brings in another doberman Satan , a wrecking yard's dog resembling Buster, to conceal this negligence. Then Mr. Sheridan returns from the trip and pets Satan, fully unaware of the situation. Then Sam brings Buster, retrieved by a neighbor, through the backdoor to switch the dogs in the kitchen.

To prevent Mr. Sheridan from entering the kitchen where the ruckus occurs, Rebecca distracts Mr. Sheridan by discussing a trophy-looking urn, which he reveals contains his late wife's ashes. Later at the Cheers bar, the bar regulars are unsure whether the dogs were successfully switched; Cliff says "Geronimo" as one of the Indian names that provokes the dog to attack him, confirming the dog to be Satan.

Sheridan assigns Rebecca to manage a retirement party at the bar for an employee, Larry, also his brother-in-law. The party turns out depressing mainly because Larry is very dull to entertain. After failed efforts to enliven up the party, Rebecca jadedly allows newborn Frederick Crane's bris to take place at the same time. Consequently, the retirement party livens up, and Larry plans to marry a woman, pleasing Mr.

Sheridan, who wants Larry out of the house. Maggie first appears in "Please Mr. Postman" season 7, episode 12 as a rookie postal carrier who is to be trained by Cliff. Maggie asks Cliff out, and he accepts. However, Maggie is later caught taking a postal vehicle to a motel and is fired. She then leaves Cliff to go to Canada to join the Canadian post office. She makes regular appearances thereafter, leading to her and Cliff's on-again, off-again relationship. This forced Cliff to admit that he and Maggie never had sex, causing the other barflies to mock him.

Cliff agrees to marry Maggie. Before they depart, she decides to call her child's real father, so Cliff would not worry anymore. She then tells Norm that the father is upset someone else will be raising his child and that he wants to marry her and Cliff is off the hook. However, as she leaves she tells Cliff they did have sex, twice, though Cliff was apparently inebriated and did not remember.

She appeared in twenty-four episodes. Kelly and Woody first meet in the thirteenth episode of the seventh season. Kelly is a rich and sheltered girl, but Woody is able to open her eyes to new experiences, the first being a monster truck pull. Again in Kelly's third appearance in the nineteenth episode of the seventh season, Woody teaches her a lesson from his world. Instead of buying her an expensive gift for her birthday, he writes her a memorable song.

Kelly and Woody marry in the tenth season's finale episode. The marriage, at the Gaines' mansion, is a fiasco: The minister dies; Kelly's flirtatious cousin Monika Colleen Morris teases Sam until her fanatically-jealous husband brandishes a sword; Rebecca Howe 's Kirstie Alley petulance causes the French chef to quit, leaving her in charge of the food; Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman keeps getting pushed down the shaft in the dumbwaiter ; Woody cannot keep his hands and other things off Kelly before the ceremony; and two attack dogs cf.

To top it off, the dead body of the minister tips over and topples the wedding cake to the floor. Despite this, the wedding goes ahead. In the sixteenth episode of the second season of Frasier , Sam visits and it is revealed that Kelly and Woody's first child was a baby boy. In the thirteenth episode of the sixth season, Woody visits Seattle and reveals that he and Kelly have had another child, a girl.

Since his first episode "Golden Boyd" , Walter usually disapproves of Kelly and Woody being together. Eventually, he accepts the relationship when they become married in "An Old Fashioned Wedding" Due to a misunderstanding, he mistakenly believes Woody had found out and is attempting to blackmail him. He later learns that Woody knew nothing of the affair and that Woody would never stoop to blackmail, however Mr.

Gaines' butler Hives overhears the entire conversation and proceeds to blackmail him. In "Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses" , Walter asks Rebecca for a date at the bar, even after she gets drunk and then humiliates him at the party in the house. However, Rebecca turns him down because she realizes she would only be dating him for his money. Nicknamed "Lud" by Carla, he is named for his absentee father — the esteemed psychiatrist and mentor of Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer , Dr.

Bennett Ludlow James Karen — and is conceived in "Whodunit? After Carla asks him how the game went, it becomes clear Lud is much better suited for intellectual activities than sports "They finally put me in after the kid with the cast on his leg and the two fat girls left". Frasier and his wife Lilith Bebe Neuwirth take a shine to the bright and inquisitive youngster and offer to take him to an opera, to which Lud happily agrees.

Excited at the opportunity to mentor Ludlow, the Cranes continue to invite him out to one high-minded activity after another, which eventually alienates Carla. Feeling bad for taking away her time with son, the Cranes invite her and Ludlow to dinner at a fancy restaurant. However, Ludlow dislikes the food and crawls under the table in protest. Frasier attempts to lure him out with psychology, but Ludlow responds by giving Frasier the "hot foot" treatment, effectively ending their mentorship.

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